django-magazine is not yet available on PyPI - there’s some cleanup I need to do before I can make it available there.

Before you start

You’ll need Python and virtualenv if you don’t already have them. Using a virtual environment will make the installation easier, and will help to avoid clutter in your system-wide libraries. You will also need Git to clone the repository.

Trying it out

django-magazine ships with an example project so you can see what it does quickly. Installation is as follows:

git clone
cd django-magazine
virtualenv magazine
source magazine/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install Django
cd magazine/example_project
python syncdb --noinput
python loaddata sample_magazine_data.json
python test magazine
python runserver

This’ll add a superuser with the username admin and the password admin, so you can play around with the admin site, which will be at It’ll also create a sample issue with a couple of articles.

Installing django-magazine

django-magazine is not yet available on PyPI, but in the mean time you can install from GitHub like this:

pip install git+git://

Then add magazine and tinymce to your INSTALLED_APPS setting, and update your database using syncdb or migrate (if you’re using South).